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What are the applications of rubber hoses in the petroleum industry?
The annual world oil and gas conference cippe2024 will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing from March 25 to 27, 2024. DeepSee Technology will bring its flagship products marine oil/gas hoses and industrial fluids Hose series products were exhibited at the exhibition. As a well-known R&D rubber hose manufacturer, what are the applications of DeepSee Technology's products in the petroleum industry?

  1. Application in single point mooring system

In a single-point mooring system, the oil transfer hose is a key component. Its main function is between the offshore floating production and storage unit (FPSO) and the subsea pipeline, or between the floating oil storage unit and the receiving vessel. time to transport petroleum products safely and effectively.

Marine floating oil transfer hoses are usually used to connect the FPSO and the receiving vessel, or between the FPSO and other offshore equipment. Due to its floating nature, floating hoses are able to adapt to dynamic changes in the offshore environment, such as waves, tides and ship movements. This kind of hose is generally made of oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant synthetic rubber. It can withstand a certain pressure and temperature while having good flexibility and fatigue resistance.

Subsea oil transfer hoses are mainly used to connect the end manifold of subsea pipelines to the fluid rotating head on the FPSO. This part of the hose needs to withstand greater water pressure and a more complex marine environment, so it is generally made of materials with higher strength and corrosion resistance. Underwater hoses are usually designed to withstand large tensile and compressive forces to cope with changes in seabed topography and changes in the marine environment.

  1. Oilfield equipment connection

In oil field development, various equipment need to be frequently connected and disconnected. Rubber hoses are often used as connecting pipes between equipment due to their ease of installation, disassembly and durability. For example, rubber hoses can effectively transmit and control fluids between equipment such as pumping units, water injection wells, and separators.

  1. Drilling operation assistance

Rubber hoses also play an important role in drilling operations. For example, it can be used to transport drilling fluid, mud and other additives to ensure the smooth progress of the drilling process. In addition, rubber hoses can also be used to connect drilling rigs and other auxiliary equipment, such as mud pumps, etc.

  1. Refining process pipelines

In refineries, rubber hoses are widely used in various process piping systems. It can be used to transport various oils and chemicals such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricants and additives, etc. The corrosion resistance and flexibility of rubber hoses make them an integral part of the oil refining process.

  1. Corrosive media transportation

There are many corrosive media in the petroleum industry, such as acids, alkalis, salts, etc. Rubber hoses have excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively transport these media and protect pipelines and equipment from corrosion damage.

  1. Environmental protection and gas treatment

Rubber hoses also play an important role in environmental protection and gas handling in the oil industry. For example, in oil and gas recovery systems, rubber hoses are used to collect and transport volatile oil and gas to prevent them from polluting the environment. In addition, in the waste gas treatment process, hoses are also used to transport and treat harmful gases.

To sum up, rubber hoses have a wide range of applications in the petroleum industry, covering transportation, drilling, mining, processing, environmental protection and other aspects. These hoses support the smooth operation of the petroleum industry with their versatility, durability and reliability. With many years of R&D experience and user reputation, DeepSee Technology's products are exported to many countries and regions around the world. It produces marine floating oil/gas hoses, hydraulic oil pipes, diesel and gasoline pipes, chemical hoses, air/water pipes and other industries. Fluid hoses have been applied and verified in many oil and gas exploration, refinery, transportation projects and other projects around the world, and have won wide recognition from customers around the world.


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