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Deepsee R&D Driven: The Innovation Force Behind the Import and Export Boom of the Hose Industry

1、 Overview of Import and Export in the Rubber Tube Industry

In 2023, the total import volume of rubber hoses in China decreased by 8.8% to 503 million US dollars, the total import volume decreased by 14.2% to 28200 tons, and the average price increased by 6.3% to 17.84 US dollars per kilogram.

The total export value of rubber hoses increased by 6.2% to 1.499 billion US dollars, and the total export value increased by 12.6% to 312400 tons, reaching a new historical high. The average price decreased by 5.8% to 4.8 US dollars per kilogram.

From this, it can be seen that the export scale of rubber hoses in China is much larger than the import scale, and the overall export trend is steadily increasing, while imports are still decreasing overall. This indicates that while China's rubber hose products are actively expanding overseas markets, they are also doing more and more in domestic substitution.

However, despite the continuous expansion of China's market share in the global market for rubber hose products, most of the imported rubber hose products are high value-added products, while exports are still mainly low-end cheap products. The situation where China's rubber hose enterprises are in a price weak position in international trade has not fundamentally improved.


2 Innovation driven product development

Faced with the current import and export situation of the rubber hose industry, DeepSee invests 20% of its annual profits in scientific research and development, promoting product technology innovation. The company's R&D team has closely combined with market demand and developed multiple high-end rubber hose products with independent intellectual property rights, such as offshore oil/gas hoses, chemical hoses, and food hoses, to meet the diverse needs of customers in different fields.

 Marine floating hoses - DeepSee

(Marine oil/gas hoses produced by DeepSee are used for a LNG power generation project in Southeast Asia)

3 Market expansion and brand building

In terms of market expansion, DeepSee actively expands its domestic market and deeply cultivates the international market. By participating in international exhibitions and establishing overseas sales networks, it continuously enhances its brand influence. In terms of brand building, DeepSee focuses on quality and service, and has won the trust and praise of a large number of customers.

Marine hose manufacturers - DeepSee 
(CIPPE 2024 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition Site)

4 Technological innovation and production efficiency

DeepSee focuses on technological innovation, continuously introducing and digesting international advanced technologies to improve production efficiency and product quality. By introducing intelligent production lines and lean management methods, DeepSee's production efficiency and cost control capabilities have been significantly improved.

 Marine hoses manufacturers - DeepSee

(DeepSee's technicians are conducting rubber material testing)

5 International cooperation and resource integration

DeepSee actively seeks international cooperation and has established strategic partnerships with well-known enterprises in multiple countries and regions. Through resource sharing and complementary advantages, DeepSee's competitiveness in the international market has been further enhanced.

 Marine hose - DeepSee

(DeepSee's technical engineers provide installation guidance for marine floating oil pipes at the African project site)

6 Green environmental protection and sustainable development

DeepSee adheres to the concept of green environmental protection, focusing on energy conservation, emission reduction, and resource recycling. The company adopts environmentally friendly materials and processes in the production process to reduce waste generation and emissions, and strives to achieve sustainable development.

7 Corporate culture and team building

DeepSee emphasizes the construction of corporate culture and advocates the spirit of teamwork, innovation, and progress. The company attaches great importance to employee training and team building, and through organizing various training and activities, enhances the professional quality and teamwork ability of employees. At the same time, DeepSee also focuses on employee welfare and strives to create a good working environment and living conditions for employees.

In summary, DeepSee has achieved significant results in the innovative development of the rubber hose industry. In the future, DeepSee will continue to adhere to innovation driven development, continuously improve its research and production capabilities, actively expand overseas markets and brand building, and contribute to the transformation of China's rubber hose industry towards high value-added product exports.


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