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Water Pressure Pulse Detection of DeepSee Marine Oil Hose
Recently, at DeepSee's R&D and test center, DeepSee technicians are busy and orderly working. They are conducting comprehensive hydraulic pulse tests on a batch of offshore oil pipes customized for foreign customers to ensure that each offshore oil pipe meets international quality standards.

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Importance of hydraulic pulse detection
Hydraulic pulse detection is a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of offshore oil pipes in specific hydraulic environments.Through this detection link, the tightness of the offshore oil pipe under a specific pressure can be ensured, and the pressure resistance of the offshore oil pipe can be detected. Moreover, the data of the water pressure pulse detection can be used as an important basis for predicting the service life of the offshore oil pipe, ensuring the safety and reliability of the offshore operation. DeepSee follows international industry standards for hydraulic pulse testing, continuously improving product performance and quality, and providing better service to customers around the world.

Water pressure detection process
1. Preparation stage: according to the specification, application and working environment of offshore oil pipe, formulate detailed detection scheme and prepare corresponding detection equipment and tools.
2. Pre-inspection: Conduct visual inspection on offshore oil pipes to ensure that there are no obvious defects such as damage and flaw on the oil pipe surface.
3. Hydrostatic test: Install the offshore tubing in the test device, gradually pressurize it to the preset working pressure and overpressure state, and observe the performance of the tubing at each pressure point.
4. Seal test: In the process of pressurization, the seal performance is evaluated by detecting the leakage of oil pipe interface and connection position.
5. Data recording and analysis: record all data in detail during the testing process, including pressure value, leakage situation, material performance change, etc., to provide basis for subsequent product optimization.

Processing of test results
1. If the tubing leakage, rupture and other phenomena occur during the test, it will be regarded as unqualified products and scrapped.
2. Mark and classify the tubing with good test results to ensure accuracy and convenience in subsequent installation and use.

Through the above steps, DeepSee can accurately evaluate the performance of the tubing under the action of water pressure pulses, thus ensuring that the offshore tubing has excellent performance and reliability.This strict inspection process is not only the control of product quality, but also DeepSee's confidence in technology research and development capabilities and production processes.
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