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The Bending Stiffness Test of DeepSee Marine Hose

DeepSee has been committed to providing global customers with top-notch marine rubber hoses for more than 20 years to meet the needs of offshore natural gas, oil and liquefied petroleum gas transportation. To ensure that our products can work stably in the complicated working environment of the sea, we conduct bending stiffness test on our marine hoses, including floating hose and submarine hose, which are produced in April this year for the East Africa LPG project following the standard working specification. The purpose of this test is to verify that the performance parameters of marine gas transfer hose manufactured by DeepSee meet the design requirements and international standards when subjected to bending force.

High quality Marine hose - DeepSee

This test mainly focuses on the mechanical properties and structural stability of DeepSee marine hose when sustaining flexural load. By recording the test data and analyzing the deformation features of the rubber hose under bending state, we can prove that these marine LPG transfer hoses conform to the technical requirements and standards in the ocean.

Tanker rail floating hose - DeepSee


In order to make the test authoritative and accurate, DeepSee chose to adopt test equipment in accordance with international standards and professional operators, and BV engineer supervised the whole bending stiffness test. Before the test, we carried out all inspections on the marine gas hose according to the standardized procedures to make sure there’s no defect.


*For your information, BV (Bureau Veritas) is a world leader certification body that provides laboratory testing, inspection, and certification services. It is recognized by the most widely accepted international accreditation bodies, UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and ANAB (The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board). Bureau Veritas certifies that DeepSee’s marine hose used for oil, natural gas and LPG transfer, including Single carcass floating hose, Double carcass floating hose, Single carcass submarine hose, and Double carcass submarine hose, has been manufactured and tested in full accordance with the guideline OCIMF-GMPHOM 5th Edition (2009), with satisfactory results for the technical requirements specified in OClMF-GMPHOM 5th Edition (2009).



  1. Fix the hose on the bending test equipment horizontally
  2. Increase the bending load in accordance with the test regulated procedure, and use the computer software to record the change parameters of the hose at the same time
  3. When the hose reaches the testing technical parameters and frequency, stop loading
  4. Technicians organize and analyze the data exported from the computer, and make it into a test report



We obtained the deformation data of the marine gas transfer hose under different bending loads through this test. As the test results show, DeepSee offshore marine hoses have good bending rigidity and structural stability, and they are able to work under full load in complex and harsh working environments on the sea, which means that our LPG hose meet customers' customized needs perfectly.


The excellent performance of DeepSee marine hose in the bending stiffness test proves its superior quality and reliability. We will endeavor to innovate and create better rubber formulation and optimize the performance of our existing products to provide the best marine oil and gas hose for our customers all over the world.

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